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When He Was Young


When he was young
The world . . .
it was a different place,
A different story.
A boy could look at stars,
And be amazed, and still behold their glory.

But now the game ran fast,
His breath grew thin.
Not sure if heart would last,
He turned within (back to the only one,
Back to that time that he was young . . .)

The time he saw it all,
He saw the world
all lit up before him.
In war and strife and just plain life,
He saw each of them falling.

With tear-stained eyes, he searched
The skies with no relief;
The anger rose in him,
He lost belief.
In earth’s dark night,
Am I to be that thief?

I call upon you God
To resurrect your story
Justify the spinning of the earth.
I’ve seen the whole damn dream,
The critics called it gory,
Only you can give it worth.

You be Ahab and
I’ll walk upon the water,
We’ll cast abandon to the breeze.
Just say the word and I’ll be that noble soldier,
That brings the darkness to its knees.
And then a voice was heard to rise,
A pair of eyes they, scoured the skies . . .

The voice was soft at first
It took a while. But
Soon it grew within him.

“They’ve got it wrong my friend,
This time I’ve got a different way to win them”.

“The footsteps in the sand will not be mine,
It’s not my place to live in time;
The human race must find
It’s rhythm, reason, and it’s rhyme”.

“Yes I know I made it all
And nothing came before me,
And who could tell you that but me?
But they must love themselves
If they seek to adore me -
That is how it has to be!

And who could prophesize the coming of the rainbow,
Or match the prints of falling snow?
Who could justify the love you feel around you,
Or make a flower grow?”

So as a man the boy upheld
All that he knew was true within him.
He lived by simple laws,
He followed heart,
He lived by Faith,
And moved by vision.

The seasons passed before his eyes
Now filled with love;
The word looked different now
Fit like a glove.
And each person that he met,
He’d swear he’d hear that voice within.

“I dance before you everywhere,
Through all forms and all stories,
I’m seeking you,
You’re seeking me;
O! Let the world sit and call us crazy,
But you’re the river,
I’m the sea.

Who can improve upon
The beauty of true passion
Or match the ocean’s roar,
I end soliloquies,
Bring true love into fashion
I unlock you,
You unlock me.”

And who could prophesize
The coming of the rainbow?
Or match the prints of falling snow?
Who can justify
The love we feel around us,
That love
That lets life grow;
Slowly . . . . . .

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